Children aged 2-3 years


Your child’s day will start with meet and greet by our friendly, fun staff. After breakfast at approximately 9:30am, all the toddlers are split into key groups to discuss what they would like to do during the day. All activities are tailored around each child’s individual interest. The room is split into two areas. One area is comprised of lots of messy play, arts and crafts, water, sand and malleable play plus many more fun activities. The other area offers quieter activities such as math’s, stories and comfy areas for children to relax.

The children are encouraged to make their own choices throughout the day and also take part in adult led activities. The nursery practitioners set up the room, in a way that aims for the children’s development to take place through their natural curiosity. The rooms are open plan so the children have access to toys and activities of their choice. The room has easy access to bathroom facilities to support your child’s toileting needs.

During the day the toddlers have access to the outdoor area. We enjoy lots of energetic activities and games, climbing and running, digging and exploring in our mud kitchen as well as growing things and learning about the world around us.
All the children eat together at 11.15am.

At approximately 1.30pm, the children meet together in key groups to reflect on the day’s activities and discuss what they would like to do during the afternoon session. Afterwards they continue exploring self-chosen toys and activities.
As with all age groups of children at Selwyn Nursery, we observe and plan for children individually, ensuring that each child has the opportunity to learn and develop a broad range of skills through play and discovery, based on their interests and level of development.

As your child approaches three years old your child’s key person will provide opportunity for short visits into the preschool room in order to create a smooth transition after their third birthday. Throughout the transition all staff will continue to liaise with parents/carers.

In the toddler room
there are lots of opportunity for discovery and adventure including…..

Messy play activities such as painting, sand, water play and lots of malleable activities such as gloop, shaving foam, play dough and slime!

Role play…..‘I want to be a pirate, princess, racing car driver etc.’

Singing, dancing, music and movement and drama.

Building and constructing-small and large scale

And much more……….