Supporting you


At Selwyn Nursery we understand just how much of a wrench it can be to be separated from your child, which is why we do all we can to support parents and ensure you feel that nursery is as close to an extension of home life as possible.
In partnership with you


Our aim is to work in close partnership with you complement your approach to caring for your child, particularly when they’re learning new skills such as weaning , potty training , reading and writing. We know that the closer our nursery staff work in partnership with you, the more rewarding your child’s time in nursery will be.


Listening and sharing

At Selwyn Nursery we have an ‘open door’ policy for parents/carers which means you can pop in any time you like or telephone to see how your child is getting on. All the staff are available anytime for an informal chat and we’ll invite you to termly parents’ evenings to share news about your child’s progress and to share stories about their developing personalities.


Sharing Information

At Selwyn Nursery we understand how important it is that you and the staff caring for your child work together. You need to feel comfortable about exchanging information and discussing things that will benefit your child. When your child starts nursery we ask for you to fill out an ‘all about me’ booklet which will provide us with detailed information about your child’s needs, likes, dislikes, routine, comforters and anything else you think is significant to the nursery. Its usually the small details which are part of daily life for you (such as family name, favourite comforter or specific toilet/sleep routines), which when utilised by staff in your absence make a great deal of difference to your child, bringing comfort and familiarity.


If you have a child aged between 0-2 years you will receive a daily diary at the end of each day containing a brief summary of what your child has eaten, how long they slept for and any other key moments of your child’s day that we think you’d like to know. With this you wont miss out on anything important during their development and will be able to encourage further progress.


Regular opportunities for formal and informal discussions about your child and his or her progress are available. Your child’s ‘key person’ is always available for a chat and your child’s learning journey is available for you to look at any time.


What is a Key Person?

A key person is a special member of staff at nursery, who will get to know your child and who welcomes you and your child to nursery. A key person will never replace the parent, but will be a special extra adult for your child and we believe that this is essential attachment should be planned for and encouraged. As your child grows in confidence then he or she will move happily away from the key person and start to get to know the other staff in nursery. However, the key person is still there, for you and your child, as a significant person, who is always there whenever she is needed.